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Welcome to Modular Turnstile Buildings !


Quality Turnstile installation and the best selection of high tech security systems are just two of the reasons that make the perfect choice for security turnstiles and modular turnstile buildings. When you're looking for the best in security access, loss control devices, and high tech security systems, look no further than


Established, May 1989, we've proudly been offering the best security turnstiles that help greatly increase the visible security of your business or organization. We're a GSA contract holder, and are the chosen provider of security turnstiles by a number of respected organizations and businesses throughout the globe.


Whether looking for the best in gate access control, EntraPASS remote desktop software, optical turnstiles, revolving doors, tailgate detection, or turnstile accessories, has what you're looking for. From high tech security system to a white noise machine for your office, carries the security solutions you need, and then some. We also take great pride in offering the very best turnstile installation. Our engineers understand the need for properly installed and durable high tech security systems, and we guarantee our service will satisfy. When it comes to security turnstiles, make your very first choice.

Secure Space - Vertical Design

# 1

# 1

Modular Fiberglass Structure

20' Wide by 24' Long

FiberGlass SideWall


Interior Structural

Flange Pre Drilled for Assembly

Return Flange - Wedge Anchor


Modular Fiberglass Parts

Panels - Man-Door - Slider Window - Gable

20'W x 40'L x 13'H with 4'w
roll-up door sitting at dock level

with RM unique floor design, with attached 8'x8' office

Secure Space 24-2T-Office

# 2

# 2

Interior - floor

Steel grating that places onto the fiberglass floor

Interior steel floor

Full Height High

Security Series Turnstiles


# 3

# 3