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  Clark McCarthy Healthcare Partners II


The Right Team for USACE and Fort Bliss.

CLARK/McCARTHY Healthcare Partners II combine two distinguished companies with unparalleled shared experience in large-scale, federal government, healthcare projects.

 Clark/McCarthy Healthcare Partners II provide USACE a combined track record of over 250 years of continuous construction leadership in America.
No one in the building industry possesses deeper healthcare knowledge and experience. 
This longevity combined with unmatched healthcare knowledge and resources has allowed Clark McCarthy to hone technical and management approaches that are industry-specific, state-of-the-art
and proven to provide the best results in the healthcare construction industry. 
Delivering large, complex, healthcare projects is what we do every day!

 We will exceed USACE, Army and Health Facility Planning Agency expectations. Our Fort Bliss team will demonstrate real value to the Army, and those benefits will last through the full life of the facilities.

 Turnstiles USA
Clark McCarthy chose www.TURNSTILES.us to provide our Modular Turnstile Building with Tansa High Security Stadium Turmstiles  and  EntraPASS Access Control

We hand-make our buildings, from the floor up !
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Modular Turnstile Buildings provides EntraPASS Access Control and Tansa High Security Turnstiles by outfitting and equipping our Fiberglass Containers

with Proximity, Barcode, Biometric EntraPASS and Tansa Stadium Turnstiles with Specialized Integrated Furnishings.  

Our models can then be transported to your location, set in place, and with the necessary connections, are ready for use - Turn-Key, High Security System. 

Whether you want to create an improved orderly flow of personnel, lightly limit the ease of access, or highly secure the access point(s), 
Modular Turnstile Buildings will custom build to your specification

  Family Owned and Operated
Established 1989

email: Patrick.McAllister@TURNSTILES.us
Call 303 670 1099

Securing the U.S.A. and the Globe

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Patent Free Fiberglass Containerized  Access Control Systems
Buy with Confidence from www.ModularTurnstileBuildings.com



303 670 1099

Modular Turnstile Buildings

303 670 1099

 Turnstiles USA patrick.mcallister@TURNSTILES.us   EntraPASS Website

Welcome to Modular Turnstile Buildings !

Quality Turnstile installation and the best selection of high tech security systems are just two of the reasons that make TURNSTILES.us the perfect choice for security turnstiles and modular turnstile buildings. When you're looking for the best in security access, loss control devices, and high tech security systems, look no further than TURNSTILES.us. 

Established, May 1989, we've proudly been offering the best security turnstiles that help greatly increase the visible security of your business or organization. We're a GSA contract holder, and are the chosen provider of security turnstiles by a number of respected
organizations and businesses throughout the globe.

Whether looking for the best in gate access control, EntraPASS remote desktop software, optical turnstiles, revolving doors, tailgate detection, or turnstile accessories, TURNSTILES.us has what you're looking for. From high tech security system to a white noise
machine for your office ( www.AVLELEC.com), TURNSTILES.us carries the security solutions you need, and then some. We also take great pride in offering the very best turnstile installations. Our engineers understand the need for properly installed and durable high tech security systems, and we guarantee our service will satisfy. When it comes to security turnstiles, make TURNSTILES.us your very first choice.

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